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The Alaska Food Challenge is to acquire as much of our food from Alaska as possible for a year.

The challenge will begin on the summer solstice, June 21st, 2011.

We are a group of individuals living in Anchorage, Alaska, who have come together for three primary reasons:

  1. Support- We will support each other and the community in our common quest with encouragement, information, recipes, and skills sharing.
  2. Cooperation- We will share in group foraging activities and guest teachers as well as act as a collective bargaining unit with producers or service providers.
  3. Advocacy- We will get the word out that it is possible to eat local, advocate for laws and regulations that support local food and producers, and ask our producers to use regenerative methods.

Our Vision: Demonstrate that Alaska has a vibrant local foodshed which provides an abundant, delicious, affordable diet.

How it works: In the time leading up to the start of the challenge, participants will research food sources, plan and plant gardens, and discuss strategies.  Then, each participant or family will write a pledge of how they plan to eat local for a year.  This may take many different forms, depending on the starting point and resources of each individual.  Some people may choose to allow certain exceptions such as flour, sugar, and oil; others may allow a certain number of pounds of imported foods per year, others may decide to just eat local vegetables, dairy, and meat for the year, and still others may go all the way local!!  You may use whatever non-local food is still in your pantry at the start of the challenge, but no stockpiling!  The important part is that it is a significant challenge to the individual, reduces their food miles, and supports the local food system.

How to participate: To join the challenge, simply write a statement of how you pledge to eat local.  If you wish to become more involved in the core group, you can join the Alaska Permaculture Social Networking group here.

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  1. Ron & Marji permalink
    April 12, 2011 5:31 am

    One way to work on the “eat locally produced food” is to find out what farmers markets are in your area. They will have tons of locally grown produce all summer. In addition, in the Fairbanks area, you might check out the Home Grown Market as they specialize in local meat products including grass-fed beef. They have local food available all year long.

  2. September 2, 2011 12:56 am

    check out BeeAlaskan Apiaries on facebook they have local honey produced in Delta Junction, Ak

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