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June 30, 2011

Wow, are we spoiled.  After actually logging what we eat for the food challenge I’m still comfortable that we eat pretty local. Day one was 95% local, day 2 about 80% and so on, well above the 70% or so we expect for the long haul. The spoiled part come when I look at the non Alaskan ingredients and how far they’ve come. Rice from California, sugar from South America, pine nuts from China, olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Italy and a raft of spices from the four corners of the globe. As I look at the variety of food in our life I am thankful, and awe inspired by it’s diversity, but I am also aware of the huge amounts of energy used to transport these goods and the stunning amount of resources that are consumed in the packaging alone. I began eating as locally as possible because fresh tastes best, but as I think and learn more, I realize how important it is to eat local as much as possible so we can save those resources used to ship up cheap carrots and potatoes that aren’t very good, and use them for the important stuff like cumin and fine olive oil.

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